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Tamagne Beyene was destined to Woizero Mamite Bitew and Grazmach Beyene Wondifraw in Chilga, Northern Gondar, Ethiopia. At that point, we experienced a mental blackout. Indeed, even his age demonstrated to be a moving objective. Tamagne claims that various occasions in his endeavor to break onto the stage he was told he was "excessively youthful" to perform, for "proficient" reasons he had made it a point to never disclose his age. Genuine numerous years have p...assed since this was the situation, yet as an issue of rule, his age remains a firmly held mystery, and those aware of everything have been pledged to the mystery. What is no mystery is the gigantic comedic ability that is Tamagne Beyene.

As an adolescent, Tamagne would go through hours stuck to the radio and claims that there was not a prominent tune that he didn't know the verses too, rapidly understanding that he had an exceptional ability for pantomime and mimicry. He would imitate the vocalists of the day, remember and recount the nightly news keeping everybody around him in joining. From the start of engaging his family and companions, his classmates then his young men scout troupe. Tamagne went on and shaped a youngsters' melodic troupe highlighting himself as a vocalist. Through this Gayent Children's gathering, this gifted tyke star would go to the consideration of the Gondar Traditional Group.

While with Gondar Traditional Group, Tamagne before long understood that his specialty was associating with the crowd and making individuals snicker. He quit charging himself as a vocalist and proceeded to sharpen his aptitudes as speaker/emcee and stand-up comic. He would have the merriments, remember and reenact the day's news, and furthermore mimic any artist.

As he visited with the Gondar Traditional Group, updates on his ability traversed the nation. In 1982, he was chosen to participate in his first visit in Asmara among Ethiopia's world-class entertainers. In spite of a few endeavors of arguing to get an opportunity on the stage, he was denied on the grounds that he was considered "excessively youthful" or "was not prepared at this point". When he was at last allowed to present one underwriter, there was no turning back. He enamored the group so much that the lead MC couldn't pursue the demonstration. He gave emcee position to Tamagne for the remainder of the show.

Tamagne's next stop: Addis. His prevalence increased genuine footing in the capital that few people in the capital mentioned for his exchange. Regardless of a few campaigning endeavors with the legislative head of Gondar, the exchange solicitations were denied over and over. In any case, Tamagne's ingenuity satisfied at last and he turned into an individual from the National Theater Arts' Troupe. Pause! One more obstacle; his compensation must be affirmed for his new position. Meanwhile, Tamagne was getting paid $127 Birr every month and living in a room upstairs at the National Theater (legitimately over the principle arrange), until the bureaucratic obstacles were finished. This, mind you, subsequent to dwelling in the representative's castle in Gondar before his entry in Addis (the senator had masterminded Tamagne to live in the royal residence to avert those that were attempting to get him moved in Addis).

In the wake of settling in at the National Theater, Tamagne's genuine spotlight shone at the live TV show Easter execution in 1983 from the National Theater. Tamagne was in excess of an emcee, he associated with both the Live and TV spectators in manners no other entertainer or MC has done before in Ethiopia. His unconstrained demonstrations secured themes of recent developments, world governmental issues, relationship issues, mimicry… and so on. From this minute on, Tamagne's profession took off like a rocket. He was being highlighted on TV on shows, for example, "Teyente Tebebat" and furthermore filling in as a business representative.

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