Decision On Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba


Hours after Oromia Media Network declared the capture of Jawar Mohammed, the Ethiopian government affirmed the news. 


Ethiopian Federal Police and Oromia Police Commission had a joint proclamation on the issue. 


Jawar and 34 others are captured for what the administration says is a powerful endeavor to restore the assortment of killed Ethiopian Singer Hachalu Hundessa to the Capital Addis Ababa. Bekele Gerba, a senior Oromo Federalist Congress pioneer, is among those captured. 


The body was headed to Hachalu's old neighborhood, Ambo, in view of his folks' solicitation when Jawar and his supporters captured it in the Burayu region only outside of the capital Addis Ababa, grabbed the body forcibly and returned it to Addis Ababa. And afterward, they continued to Prosperity Party's (administering party) office close Addis Ababa Stadium. 


What is known now is that Jawar is captured regarding that occurrence? 


Government Police Commissioner Endashaw Tassew uncovered that eight AK 47 attack rifles, five weapons, and nine walkie talkie radios have been seized from Jawar's escorts or adherents, as the official called them, as announced by Deutsche Welle Amharic assistance. 


Hachalu Hundessa's families and guardians were bothered when Jawar's group powerfully removed the body to restore it to the capital guaranteeing that he ought to be covered in the capital Addis Ababa – against the desire of the relatives. Some others who see themselves as "Oromo activists" voiced their perspectives via web-based media saying Hachalu ought to be let go in Addis Ababa yet again that isn't what the family needed by Oromia Regional State president, Shimeles Abdissa.

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