Memeher Mesfin Solomon's Spiritual Analysis On Corona


Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) said all travelers entering Ethiopia as of Monday will be put in an obligatory isolate for 14 days. 


As a feature of the endeavors to control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Government yesterday chose to isolate all travelers showing up in Ethiopia for 14 days at their very own expense. 


In an announcement gave today, the carriers said that "travelers entering Ethiopia after 00:10 am of March 23 will be put in a required isolate at the Ethiopian Skylight Hotel for 14 days." 


The extra lodging will be chosen and exhorted at the appointed time. Representatives will be isolated at their separate government offices, it included. As indicated by the carriers, the 14 days' isolate doesn't have any significant bearing to travel travelers. Travel travelers holding corresponding flight appointments will remain at the Ethiopian Skylight Hotel until their corresponding flight. 


The administration of Ethiopia declared the suspension of flights to in excess of 30 nations yesterday.

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