Who is Meaza Biru?


For over 10 years and a half now, I have overwhelmingly contended and enthusiastically sold spontaneous proposition asking the Ethiopian government to build up a Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology. When I began seeking after this proposition, the advanced education area in Ethiopia was simply starting its change way while different nations were designing their establishments and services to react to and advantage from the worldwide objectives in the information space.

At the time UNESCO proclaimed that "At no time in history has it been increasingly essential to put resources into advanced education as a noteworthy power in structure a comprehensive and various information society and to propel research, advancement, and innovativeness." The World Bank likewise expressed that improving tertiary instruction frameworks ought to be high on Sub-Saharan Africa's improvement plan since, it insisted, abilities for the learning economy are worked at the tertiary training level.

At a "Meeting on Higher Education in Ethiopia: Future Challenges" in December 2007 in Addis Ababa, where I raised the issue for the third time, here is the means by which I re-enunciated my proposition for the introduction of another Ministry:

Delivering abnormal state ability to make, get to, expend, adjust, and scatter information has turned out to be basic for national advancement; and incorporating science, innovation, and advanced education as a national learning improvement system for important social and monetary advancement is increasing more footing.

Foundations, divisions, and aptitude are rearranged, reshuffled and streamlined to gain by their aggregate quality, quality, and power. The repositioning and reconstitution of associations speak to ventures in the acknowledgment and improvement of these basic goals. About 33% of the African mainland, numerous nations in Latin America and others in Asia have coordinated their advanced education and science and innovation under one rooftop.

Nations everywhere throughout the world are endeavoring to upgrade their insight establishments to convey them as motors of advancement and, it is my position that Ethiopia likewise ought to do likewise. Ethiopia need not start change only for it; however, the progressions must be guided by a long haul vision, certified duty, or more all national intrigue. I am accordingly emphasizing building up another hierarchical body that oversees advanced education, science, and innovation all things considered under one rooftop in a Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

It was in 2008 that components of my proposition were first in part acknowledged with the foundation of another completely fledged Ministry of Science and Technology, however without including advanced education. I just quickly commended the new improvement which incited me to take my case to the two applicable services the Ministry of Education and the new Ministry of Science and Technology.

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