Getachew Redda's speech before and now


Ethio Telecom's supporters have arrived at 46.2 million of which 44.5 million are portable voice endorsers. The organization has 23.8 million information and web supporters, 980,000 fixed assistance and broadband 212,000 endorsers. Frehiwot said the interest for information and web is expanding consistently. "That is a worldwide pattern," she said. 


Frehiwot credited the accomplishments to the administration and staff of the organization. "We have a devoted and submitted the executives and representatives who endeavored to understand the vital arrangement. The initiative had the option to effectively prepare and the staff," she said. 


Ethio Telecom burned through 1.1 billion birr on corporate social duties, the most noteworthy sum that the telecom firm allotted for such projects. As per the CEO, the organization gave 100 million birr to help reaction. Frehiowt was glad to declare that Ethio Telecom is financing the logical examination being attempted on medications. 


"The Ministry of Innovation has mentioned us USD 600,000 USD for the examination and I am glad to declare that we have given them the first round of installment. I had a conversation with the priest as of late and he revealed to me that the exploration is bearing productive outcomes and it is on the last stage. It is better in the event that you hear the uplifting news from them," she said.

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