Artist Mulualem Getachew


As indicated by a press proclamation from the coordinators, CNIFF is a half-yearly celebration sorted out by the Blue Nile Film and Television Academy and the Ethiopian Filmmakers Association with the principal version occurring. The Blue Nile Film and Television Academy is a spearheading East African Film preparing establishment situated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, while the Ethiopian Filmmakers Association is one of the primary movie producers' unions in the African mainland. 


We are resolved to establish CNIFF as a universally acclaimed world-class movie celebration situated in Africa's political center point, Addis Ababa", Abraham Haile Biru, Director of CNIFF, sais in the announcement. "We are anticipating entries from famous African movie producers and developing gifts." 


Rivalries are decided by a worldwide jury comprising of African movie producers and driving industry experts. The opposition classifications during the current year are full-length fiction films, short fiction films, full-length narratives, and short narratives. 


Out of the opposition, CNIFF will have a screening of African magnum opuses and exceptional movies from different mainlands in its African Special and World Cinema Corner programs separately. The most noteworthy prize of the Festival is THE GREAT NILE AWARD given to the best chief of a full-length film.

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