Sunday with EBS: Entewawekalen Wey - Part 125 couples that share their kidney's


This uproar of sounds is quintessential examining what you can plan to hear on any corner in Addis. The cadenced beating of improvement joined with vehicle horns, ambulances, dogs yapping, self-assertive yelling in the street and the intermittent chicken, for good measure, is an exhibition of the ordinary everyday practice of progress going on in the city. 


The Zoma Contemporary Arts Center, near the Vatican Embassy in the Old Airport zone of Addis Ababa, is a contemporary articulation space and safe house that is the brainchild of skilled worker Elias Sime and guardian Meskerem Assigned. 


The originators developed a unique space for articulation guidance, organize building, and innovative examination that captivates all who visit it. 


Who's top of the playlist? Jano Band has overpowered the city with its front line tunes and shakes affected electric guitar and percussion exhibitions. At the point when they are not visiting generally, they are guests acting in jam meetings around the city. 


Best close by the skilled worker? Sileshi Demissie is a Renaissance man in each sentiment of the word. This craftsman, performer, and standard Ethiopian ethnomusicology ace is acclaimed for his adroit usage of the Kirar, a traditional Ethiopian lyre.

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