Selam Tesfaye's irresponsible action


People make cycles, that is the thing that I've perceived throughout everyday life. Waymala implies pause; it's an expression we should hang tight for one another. Each word I've picked in those verses is inseparable from a circle. 


The manner in which Hamer individuals dance is by making a circle of people on each side and individuals dance in the center. At the point when individuals join the circle gets greater. At the point when they leave it gets more modest. We're moving to make balance. In the event that you have cycles in your psyche, all that we do is custom. Patterns of our planet become noticeable." 


Her freshest EP 24 depends on this reason. Each track consolidates to make an entire day experiencing the sun rising and wake-up routines in the track Welcome Rain and Buna at that point travels during that time and into the night with every tune.

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