Seifu's interview with Ethiopian diaspora from Sweden part 2


Since there is a deficiency of defensive and sanitizer materials the administration should work intimately with the inn and visit relationships to vail the materials. "The lodgings are the main contact focuses after the air terminal so they are presented to the pathogen. So in the event that we don't give them the privilege of defensive materials, they could be hesitant to come to work." 


Kumneger Teketel, the CEO and Lead Consultant OZZIE Business and Hospitality Group Consultancy, disclosed to The Reporter that the lodging business, as a rule, dropped by 30-50 percent because of the crown pandemic. Kumneger emphatically prompts lodgings that they should chip away at cost decrease forcefully. "First the inns should concentrate on their production network. They have to dodge the stock. They should just purchase basic stuff important for every day utilization. They ought not to have pointless stock," Kumneger said. 


He likewise said that the lodgings should close down certain offices. "On the off chance that you have 100 visitor rooms and you can sell just 15 rooms you need to close down the vacant floors and send the workers on paid leave," he said. "In the event that lodging has two bars it needs to close one of them and keep the other one open. In the event that you have two cafés, you need to close one of the eateries and continue running just one. You ought to evade repetition," he said.

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