Warning For People Who Chew Khat


Khat is a plant. The leaf and stem are utilized as a recreational medication and as medication. 


As a recreational medication, the leaves and stem are bitten by individuals in East Africa and the Arabian nations to raise temperament (as a euphoriant). 


As a medication, khat leaf is utilized for diabetes, muscle quality, wretchedness, weakness, heftiness, stomach ulcers, cerebral pain, and male fruitlessness. It is likewise used to bring down the requirement for nourishment and rest, decline sexual wants, improve the capacity to study, and increment hostility. 


The World Health Organization (WHO) records khat as a medication that makes "reliance" in individuals, which means it creates a proceeding with want to continue utilizing it. It is restricted in nations like the US and Canada. Be that as it may, it is legitimate in some European nations. Khat is utilized by numerous migrants to these nations from East Africa and Yemen.

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