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Addis Ababa, Gondar, Bahir Dar, Mekele, Jimma, Hawassa, Arba Minch, and Haromaya Universities have been named the focal point of Excellences by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 


A senior counsel at the Ministry, Dr. Worku Negash said the eight advanced education organizations are chosen out of 46 state-funded colleges in the nation because of their age-long commitments to critical thinking research works throughout the long term. 


The service will take different limit building measures to make the eight colleges globally skilled in research and related fields, the consultant underlined. 


Notwithstanding the eight chose as the focal point of greatness in research, staying 15 has been marked as a competency place for science and innovation, and the other 23 as a middle for general instruction, as per the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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