OLF's decision on Dawud Ibsa


The new park situated before the Sheraton Hotel, off Lorenzo Te'azaz Street, has a fake lake, an amphitheater, a blossom shows, and cafés. The initiation of the recreation center likewise included a military procession by the recently organized tip-top power The Republican Guard. 


The Guard indicated their arms, heavily clad vehicles, and abilities including helicopter studying, aerobatic exhibition, substantial-quality, and self-preservation and assault. The venture for the task came mostly from the five-billion-birr per plate supper that Abiy held at the Unity Park for around 250 people. These people that contributed a total of 1.2 billion birrs were likewise perceived at the occasion. 


Countries, organizations, and people including the Chinese Embassy, the Chinese Economic Commission agent to Ethiopia, venture chiefs, and creators, day by day workers just as pioneers were perceived at the occasion. They were given an authentication of acknowledgment. 


The entire task that reaches out from the Entoto woodland to Akaki River toward the South of Addis Ababa broadens 56 kilometers following the riversides. It additionally includes cleaning the riversides and building walkways. A major library and a science exhibition hall are likewise essential for the task.

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