The embarrassing video released today by the shameful TPLF


A day after data on the passing Gesture Detached and three unique people from PLF authority is uncovered to general society, the Ethiopian Defense Force on Friday announced that Seat NGA who is the coordinator and ideologue of Ti dark People's Liberation Front (TPF) is gotten alive. He was trapped in an action that the Ethiopian Defense Force drove on Friday. 


"Top of the Junta that was organizing ethnic violence and various people from the Junta are leveled out," a compact affirmation from the Defense power alluded to Brigadier General Testate Ayalew, top of the game plan division inside the defend power. 


The Ethiopian Defense Force got Seat Sega in the wild of Tepee, Zinger slope, a recognition that should be hard to get to, it was said. 


According to the report, he was passed on to his covering spot in the feign piece of the mountain, and people from the assurance power expected to do in like manner to bring him down from the most elevated purpose of the mountain where he was stowing endlessly. 


The catch of his sister, Kidman Vega, furthermore a person from the central committee of PLF, was represented on Thursday. 


SEPECAT Sega was one of just a small bunch, not many people who set up the assailant TPF during the 1970s in the wild of Debit. He was maybe the most powerful man inside the relationship, at one point substantially more great than the late Miles Denali, and the artist of ethnic administrative issues, and manufactured ethnic viciousness in the country.

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