Abebe Gellaw Responded To Jawar Mohammed


It has become obvious that my brief Facebook remark with respect to a couple of disputable explanations made by Jawar Mohammed has been posted on ECADF's site as an article. I had no goal of composing an arrangement piece on the issue. Obviously, there is a major contrast between an all-around considered long discourse and a short message in a specific setting. 


My aim was simply to offer for quiet and concordance, an important exertion ailing in our political talk. Customarily, a message without its setting is available to confusion and misconception. So there is by all accounts a need to explain. 


Legislative issues, the extent that I comprehend, is a system of overseeing the irreconcilable situation. It is a method for building accord through discourse and bargain. Since the mid-1960s, the major political clash in Ethiopia has been between ethno-patriots and patriots. The powers on the two parts of the bargains range have not as yet discovered a center ground that can bring them towards accord and bargain. 


My comprehension is that Jawar is an ethnic-patriot. As an ethnic-patriot, he says he is an Oromo first. In contrast to him, I am a patriot. In any case, that isn't a serious issue. The issue is the manner in which he has decided to express and introduce his perspectives being referred to that have been generally seen as provocative and disruptive.

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