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Since the presentation of nine ethnic-based government framework from the get-go in the 1990s, Ethiopia has been encountering various challenges between a significant number of its local states for the most part of fringe debates and personality issues. For instance: tense clashes between regulatory districts of Ethiopian Somali (Ogaden Region) with Oromia Region; South Ethiopian Peoples Region with Oromia; Amhara area with Tigray locale; Oromia with Beneshangul district; Gambella district with Oromia locale; Afar area with Amhara area have all accomplished ethnic clashes. Meanwhile, tense clashes in a few locales had executed hundreds and dislodged a large number of individuals in their own nation.

Besides, I need to specify the accompanying fierce episodes after November 2015 to refresh the peruser with the tales of ethnic and innate clashes in the nation:

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