Who is Abune Natnael?



Holy person, Yared was an unbelievable artist from the Axum, Tigray, Ethiopia, credited with developing the consecrated music convention of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Eritrean Orthodox Church, Ethiopian Catholic Church, Eritrean Catholic Church, and Ethiopia's arrangement of melodic documentation. 


Yared was conceived on Miazia (April) 5, 525 AD in the town of Axum, Tigray, Ethiopia. School was hard for youthful Yared. He never comprehended the Psalms of David. Due to his horrendous shortcoming in school, he was gone up against with his irate uncle at home and periodic physical discipline. Youthful Yared attempted to learn and comprehend the lessons of the congregation for more than seven years, however, he generally fizzled. He was burnt out on the annoyance and discipline and life was getting hard for him. 


He once went for a whole day and stopped under a tree in Murade Qal in Bet Giorgis on the edges of Axum. In his annoyance and dissatisfaction, youthful Yared saw a little creepy crawly attempting to climb the tree. The creepy crawly attempted once, it fizzled. Attempted the subsequent time, it flopped once more. The bug attempted to climb the tree multiple times and it fizzled. On the seventh endeavor, it prevailing to climb the tree and ate the natural products. Youthful Yared took in an incredible knowledge of God through the little bug. He began school the following day. He completed 150 Psalms of David, the books of Prophets, and King Solomon including the interpretations and the laws of the congregation.

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