Lemma Megersa And Dr. Abiy Ahmed


In a meeting Ato Lemma provided for VOA on November 29, 2019, Lemma Megersa said he didn't concede to the merger of territorial gatherings and the way of thinking of "Medemer" - inexactly interpreted as a collaboration - which is the brainchild of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Lemma's restriction to Medemer - a focal core value of PM Abiy Ahmed - is particularly amazing since it might show that 'Group Lemma' may have remained by no means in a well-established position from the beginning, as opposed to mainstream thinking up to this point. 


Lemma said he went to the ongoing exceptional gathering of the chamber of the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) which collectively endorsed the merger of the territorial gatherings to shape the Prosperity Party. "I would prefer not to clarify how the merger procedure went on now," he stated, maybe indicating the hurried idea of the consultations, which some others, including pioneers of the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF), have said. 


Lemma Megersa said the ODP hasn't begun tending to the requests of the individuals who gave us this chance. "The Oromo individuals introduced those requests to the ODP, not another gathering. What's more, ODP must answer them. I don't think going into different activities without beginning our center provincial motivation. This is selling out of our duties." 


"I have been restricting bringing together ideological groups from the earliest starting point. I communicated my position once and again to my gathering ODP and the official board of trustees of the EPRDF. I accept the merger thought wasn't right. In the event that the need is there, it ought not to be done in a surge. It isn't the perfect time for the local ideological groups to blend, the protection serves included. 


"This isn't the ideal opportunity for trying different things with various thoughts. We have numerous issues in the nation. We don't have tranquility and soundness. We have monetary issues and an increasing the typical cost for basic items. We are confronting national decisions in a couple of months. We should take a shot at these issues first before beginning others." 


On the idea of Medemer, which Lemma has been reputed to contradict for some time, he said it is significant that we start at home (which means Oromia) and work for our kin first, instead of beginning somewhere else. Asked whether there are other people who bolster his thoughts, he said there are numerous other people who bolster him.

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