Heart touching moment with the daughter Alebachew Teka


The circumstance in Ethiopia is presently moderately steady. In any case, it is as yet essential to talk about the fundamental wellsprings of contention through analyzing the genuine encounters just as overall goals during this intense period in territorial geopolitics and worldwide patterns.

Generous monetary advancement has been accomplished the nation over and that must be ensured. Nonetheless, experience has demonstrated that the standards of ethnic government bundles are causing different emergencies and a muddled future.

The nonappearance or passing up on chances to share the state control with resistance groups and other stake proprietors for better government strategies are likewise factors of continuous insecurity. It is constantly qualified to address botches by recognizing circumstances and logical results of potential dangers with extraordinary comprehensive interest in administration.

These days, the EPRDF government and a large number of the formal restrictions are arriving at concessions to numerous plans to talk about the issues of mal-administration and defilement, just as on appointive framework. On the opposite side, different restrictions and different people in the diaspora have had a few gatherings over the circumstance in the nation.

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