Ethiopian Actress Segen Yifter Son’s Birthday


The program ended up predominant since its first show in 2013. It is set up by publicist, author, and media individual Seifu Fantahun. The show is communicated every Sunday evening from 9 o'clock. There are three essential features in the program. 


Meeting: This is a bit of the show which presents well known huge names in the zone of music, movie and other Television sensation on-screen characters or individuals managing magnanimity. 


Game: There is a test that will be held between the guest of the day and one invited volunteer. The kind of the game depends upon show individuals and the general program. 


Music: If the chat with an individual is a craftsman the individual will perform close to the completion of the show. If not, an invited guest will show their new single music. 


Today Seifu has invited Abiyot Getachew, a referred to the craftsman who began from abroad starting late. He can perform in any kind of music whether it is Amharic, Afaan Oromoo, Guagegna, Afari, Kambata, Hadiya or various lingos. He has come back to Ethiopia after pretty much seven years in the United States of America. In his remain, he has shown his control and performing quality more than twenty music accounts. Exactly when Seifu raised an issue about the current situation with Ethiopia he has entreated that people may grasp the astute, excited, chose, captivating, forward-looking and conveyed the need to the all-inclusive community and sought after to lead us to where he dreams to see our country. 


The second guest of the day is vocalist Rahel Getu. She is a bit of Yegna gathering or group for up to two or three years. Their gathering has released four single songs as a significant part of setting up women's errands in the country financed by the British government. She went to the praised scene when she starting late performed 'So be it' tune which was the principal work of Neway Debebe. Her tune 'So be it' was released on Christmas event program which was communicated by Fana Television orchestrated by Breman creation. This tune accepted an essential activity to convey her to the forefront of specialists. By then after she has released another single music video named 'Tilobegn' which signifies 'I am in Love'. If its all the same to you welcome the whole show we present you here.

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