Anudalem Arage's Full SPEECH Minnesota


The agents who showed their letters of conviction are from Somalia, South Africa, Burundi, Kazakhstan, Iceland, Slovenia, Philippines, Venezuela, and Lebanon. 


The agents inspected with the president about the techniques for further fortifying complementary relations among Ethiopia and the different countries. 


The president moved toward the ambassadors to improve equal ties with consideration on money-related cooperation in return and theory. 


The pastors pledged to do energetically to moreover raise relations in different fields of interest. 


Somalia's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Abdullahi H. Omer Amy said he will work to push the incredible separate association of Ethiopia and Somalia in return, security, administrative issues, and people-to-people relations. 


South Africa Ambassador to Ethiopia, Edward Xolisa Makaya said on his part he is going to enthusiastically work for expanding the association by focusing on money related interest between the two countries. 


"We have to thank the people of Ethiopia for supporting South Africa during its fight for the opportunity from the politically-authorized racial isolation system," he included. 


The significant association of Ethiopia and South Africa began since the 1960s when past President Nelson Madela took military planning in Ethiopia to liberate South Africa from the then politically-endorsed racial isolation structure. 

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