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Two days after he repudiated his Houthi partners in a TV meeting, and approaching Saudi Arabia to end its threats in Yemen, equipped Houthis halted his caravan south of Sanaa and shot him in the head. Yemeni sources demonstrated he was en route to being pirated out of the nation by UAE powers.

Ali Abdullah Saleh, the seventy-year-old general who ruled Yemen for thirty-three years, confronted a comparable destiny to that of Gaddafi, who once planned to topple him, yet fizzled.

In 2011, as the Arab Spring ejected in Tunisia and Egypt, the Yemenis began their own spring to end the iron-clench hand guideline of Ali Abdullah Saleh.

In June 2011, an endeavor on Ali Saleh's life recorded. He endures a bomb impact at a mosque in the compound of the presidential castle and he got away with wounds and extreme consumes to his hands and face. Saudi Arabia carried him out of Sanaa and he was treated in a Saudi military clinic.

In a fleeting understanding, in 2012, Ali moved capacity to his representative, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, however, the last neglected to oversee the nation since powers faithful to Ali Saleh overpowered the national armed force and turned into the significant power. An endeavor on the life of Ali Abdullah Saleh fizzled.

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