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Head administrator Abiy Ahmed, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) Synod have consented to together take care of the present issue the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is confronting and keep up the congregation's solidarity and poise.

Ethiopian Orthodox Church Patriarch, Abune Mathias, and different ecclesiastical overseers valued the deeds of the executive to help the congregation since he came to control.

They additionally raised the harms against the congregation over the span of the year.

PM Abiy on his part clarified that his administration's craving is to see a solid and bound together church that contributes its offer toward structure the country.

The quality of Ethiopian religious establishment helps the religious foundations as well as the solidarity of the nation, he pushed.

Different religious organizations have likewise been confronting difficulties during the change, in spite of the fact that the issues that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church confronted happened in an alternate setting, Abiy stated, including that the legislature and religious establishments need to work together in taking care of issues and battle troublemakers.

As indicated by a public statement of the Prime Minister's Office, the two sides have at last consented to handle the issues the congregation has been confronting together and comprehend them with regards to the solidarity and nobility of the congregation.

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