Daily Ethiopian News Update Feb 15, 2020


Ethiopia and Turkey are attempting to support their exchange trade from half-billion to 1 billion USD in a year, Turkey's Ambassador to Ethiopia Alp said. 


In a select meeting with ENA, Ambassador Yaprak Alp said the connection between the two nations has been indicating colossal improvement, especially the exchange relationship. 


Despite the fact that the "exchange relationship is becoming quick, we will probably arrive at 1 billion U.S dollar every year. This is the objective of both Turkish and Ethiopian governments," she uncovered. 


As per her, the legislature of Turkey is empowering Ethiopian fare and welcoming stay Turkish organizations to put resources into Ethiopia. 


"The Government of Turkey has concluded that Ethiopia is an objective nation for exchange and venture. That is significant in light of the fact that Turkish potential financial specialists are helped to come here and put resources into Ethiopia. So that would be a significant advance forward that will have a huge lift in exchange and speculation," the envoy expounded.

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