Daily Ethiopia News August 09, 2019


He took a dropkick to them in a scene with a 'crazed fan' on Saturday amidst a visit to South Africa.

In addition, on Wednesday, Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen back in Los Angeles looking none the more deplorable for his experience.

The Hollywood star and past Governor of California wore a coat structured with the US flag on one sleeve and the state banner of California on the refinement as he meandered out in the Brentwood neighborhood.

In the eccentric trap that happened at the Arnold Sports Festival at the Santon Convention Center in Sandton, South Africa, a man gave off an impression of being clearly all of a sudden and dropkicks the on-screen character and past muscle head in the back between his shoulder bones.

His security detail by then wrestles the assailant to the floor as Schwarzenegger remains there looking to some degree cluttered by what occurred.

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