Interview With Temam Aba Bulgo on current affairs


The inhabitants of Berebeyu are known to be certain and happy individuals however worries about their future endurance notwithstanding environmental change are progressively ruling their discussions. 


Be that as it may, a seed of expectation was planted in May 2019 when the International Organization for Migration (IOM), as a team with a nearby executing accomplice Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekanysus Development and Social Service Commission, held hands with the network to dispatch a task that is looking to stem the tide of natural corruption. 


The venture intends to restore the earth while supporting the reintegration of transient returnees by decreasing area debasement in chose watershed regions through afforestation and the coordination of organic product tree development to help employments. 


The venture is occurring under the European Union(EU)- IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection and Reintegration (the Joint Initiative) which encourages sheltered, organized, standard and mindful movement the board through the advancement of rights-based and improvement concentrated methodology and procedures on security and economical reintegration. The Joint Initiative, sponsored by the EU Trust Fund, has been set up in close participation with 26 African States.